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Sell ​​Agitator Machine

PT. Remula Inti Engineering Sell Agitator Machines with sizes ranging from small agitator machines used in laboratory applications to large industrial agitator machines with a capacity of 10,000 gallons. Sell ​​Agitator Machines which can be combined with other types of mixers in the tank. The simple Agitator machine can be used in large batches but not too effective outside the production flow, promoting heat transfer and maintaining uniformity in the tank. Agitator machines in mixing food and processing industrial products may have the same configuration, or they may be removable agitation rods placed into substances that are only long enough to stir well. Agitator machines are used mainly in liquids, because agitation is not as effective as thick and very thick material.

Important considerations when choosing an agitator machine include product specific gravity, viscosity and characteristics of the material used. We Sell Agitator Machines that can be used for various applications. Can mix various substances or assist in making paints, inks, varnishes, adhesives, and grease lubricants. Also useful in the creation of industrial, commercial and household products such as cleaning compounds and liquid detergents.

The Agitator machine is supported by the impeller, which is part of the agitator that gives strength to the mixed material. Examples of impellers are propellers, turbines, gates, anchors and oars. A common example is the middle agitation knife in a top-loading washing machine. He remained silent on the center shaft, stirring the water and clothes with his oar while spinning.

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