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Vacuum Mixing Tank
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Sell Vacuum Mixing Tanks

PT. Remula Inti Rekayasa Sell Vacuum Mixing Tanks of various types of pressure and specially ordered vacuum type vessels. Many are combined in this industry with agitators, homogenents, and storage type vessels with appropriate monitoring systems and sealing arrangements. Heating and cooling systems can also be determined to suit the application and the environment. Various carbon (mild steel) and stainless steel complete most industrial requirements. We Sell Vacuum Mixing Tanks which are a common requirement in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries today. Stabilizing the product at high temperatures with a vacuum de-gas technique involves the headroom (ullage), proper shaft sealing, vacuum pump and appropriate control steps. Direct induction of powder or liquid into the homogeniser provides maximum dispersion and net intake.

Sell ​​Vacuum Mixing High Speed ​​Tank Mixers, Turbines and Helical Anchor Scrapers (for higher viscosity) pressure displays and vacuum-measured mechanical seals or lip seals capable of high temperature processing and de-aeration or de-gas.

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