Double Cone Mixer Stainless Steel Type SZH180

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12 Jun 2024
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PT. Remula Inti Rekayasa presents their latest solution, Double Cone Mixer Type SZH180, a mixing machine that combines technological innovation with operational excellence. Let's further explore the product advantages and functions that make the SZH180 a superior choice in various industries.

Product excellence

  • Vacuum Feeding Technology: With a vacuum feeder, the SZH180 enables precise and efficient delivery of powdered or granular materials into a double conical container. This increases accuracy and reduces the potential for material waste.
  • Energy-saving Double Cone Mixer Design: The main advantage of SZH180 lies in the use of energy-saving double cone mixer. This not only optimizes the mixing process, but also reduces energy consumption, creating an environmentally friendly solution.
  • Easy Operation and Low Labor Density: This machine is designed for easy operation with low labor density. Users can deliver ingredients into the container either manually or via a vacuum feeder, minimizing human intervention in the mixing process.
  • High Working Efficiency: With an efficient double cone mixer, SZH180 provides high working efficiency, speeding up the mixing process and increasing overall productivity.

Product Function

  • Mixing Powdered and Granular Materials: The SZH180 is specifically designed to mix powdered and granular materials with high precision, making it ideal for applications in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, food and building materials.
  • Flexible Application: Given its wide application scope, SZH180 provides flexibility in mixing various types of materials, adapting to diverse production needs.
  • Improved Final Product Quality: An accurate and efficient blending process produces a final product of consistent quality, meeting the highest standards in the industry.
  • Integrated Solutions for Various Industries: These machines are well suited for a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to chemical, food and building materials, offering integrated mixing solutions.

With Double Cone Mixer Type SZH180 from PT. Remula Inti Engineering, you not only get a sophisticated mixing machine, but also an efficient, energy-saving and high-performance solution to improve your production process. Invest in technological excellence and increase your business competitiveness with SZH180.

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